About Chioma

Hello. My name is Chioma.

Welcome to Blue Books and Butterflies! I created this blog originally to keep track of all the books I was reading but it has turned into being a part of a community to celebrate literature as well as start discussions on books. This blog is filled with cool reviews, book buzz, blog tours, author interviews, general life stories and advice, etc.

I am a high school teenage book enthusiast. I genuinely love to read even though I might not be the fastest reader out there (I'm actually kind of slow at it). My other interests include writing, playing the violin, learning about new languages and different cultures, traveling, and mobile technology. Some you might have recognized that my name, Chioma, is actually a Nigerian name. It's Igbo to be exact. My dad is actually Nigerian but my mom is Ghanian, and I consider myself very much a part of West African culture

If you were to ask me why I read, personally I would simply reply by saying: for the experience and knowledge. Life is so short that we never really get the opportunity to experience everything or visit all the places we have ever wanted to go. I see books as the key to go wherever you want, to experience the impossible, and to look through the eyes of another person's mind. My favorite books of all time are all the books in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan and To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee. Ever need someone to talk with you about books? Please find me on twitter @BlueBooksandBs because I am always ready to have a book related discussion.

Now I may not have always been sure about many things in my life, but for the longest time I have never given up my love for acquiring stories and coming up with them myself. If there is anything I have always aspired to do the most, it is to become a published author. I am currently pursuing this dream and I hope to continue my pursuit even after it has become a reality.

I hope you will start or continue to follow along with this blog and the great journey it has ahead of it. Expect new content frequently throughout the summer months and early winter. Please enjoy your stay on my site. I am always open to suggestions for new ideas for posts and intriguing content.

Take care!

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FTC Disclaimer: Books specified to be in the "ARC" or "eARC" format were sent to me for free by the publisher or author in exchange for an honest review. How I acquired these items does not have an effect on my opinions and thoughts on them in my reviews. Everything written on this blog are my honest opinions only unless otherwise stated!

All book cover photos and synopses used in my posts were either sent to me directly by the author/publisher or gotten directly off of Goodreads and/or Amazon.

I currently do not get paid money for anything written, posted, or hosted on this blog!