Book Blogger New Year's Challenge: {Day 12} How do I plan on getting more followers this year.

This year I plan on really trying harder to interact and relate with my audience to gain followers. I feel like the best bloggers are those who incorporate these elements of interaction and cordiality into their content and make you genuinely feel like you want to read more of what they post to support them. I would like to actually listen to all the feedback I can get from my audience and improve my blog based on what others who view it enjoy and want to see more of. So far I have been trying reply to comments more often and comment on other people's blogs and sometimes even following the blogs I find that I really like. I just want to really improve my content and be more consistent with posting. Maybe I can even try and decorate this blog more and make it a little more enjoyable to the eyes. Hopefully over the months of this year, I can eventually accumulate some more followers that enjoy and support this blog, but I am also thankful for the followers I have already.

New posts and updates coming soon! What do you plan on doing to get more followers this year? Also, I probably will not be doing tomorrow's challenge because 1) The joy of public schools has been bestowed upon me *sarcastic voice* 2) Frankly I don't actually have a legitimate blogger horror story yet, but I am looking forward to reading and commenting on other people's stories. 

Have a spectacular day!


  1. Hm, suggestions to improve your blog. I'd say glitter. It needs way more glitter. Maybe a couple of unicorns prancing from left to right or should it be right to left, you know, don't want to be too conventional. You could have the unicorns being chased by a mob of vampires. These vampires sparkle too, even more than Twilight's Edward. It would be a sparkle-fest!

    What do you think?

    1. Unicorns, vampires, and glitter......sounds very interesting. Definitely very eye catching! Thanks for the suggestions. I will keep it in mind when I begin redecorating the blog.

  2. This just for you to jot down and follow, just for yourself.

    Have you taken a marker as to how many followers you have already? How many more will it take for you to decide you've been successful?

    One of my NYRs was to double my followers and page views by the end of the year - with so few of both, it sounds like a lot, but isnt really!

    1. I have asked myself that question a few times and I guess it is something someone can only give their personal opinion about. A person can only define what success actually is for themselves. What other people deduce as successful might be what another deduces as a failure. Just as they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, success is too. Personally, I feel that as long as this blog continues to get at least one page view a month and I continue to have at least one follower, then it is in no way unsuccessful. Thanks for the insightful comment! I hope you can reach your goal and deem yourself successful.

  3. I'm still contemplating whether or not to write a post for tomorrow's challenge. I don't have a real *horror* to share imo but I could probably post something anyway! Haha

    I think your theme/layout is lovely. The colours are definitely nice on the eyes!

    - Farhana @ Digesting the Words

  4. I'm going to skip tomorrow's prompt as well, as I don't really have any horror stories. But I am looking forward to reading what everyone else comes up with! :)


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