A Re-Introduction to Blue Books and Butterflies

Hello Lovely Readers,

It's been a while. Some of you may remember me from 3 months ago when I was last active, but I wouldn't be surprised if you don't. And Some of you on the other hand are probably new so I say welcome. I'm Chioma, a book blogger by definition, but not limited to its restrictions. You are now in my world which I like to refer to as Blue Books and Butterflies.

For a while now I have felt the need to redefine my blog and myself as a blogger, but I just was not sure how to go about it. Well here you have me saying why not just dive in head first?

I want this "book blog" to be authentic. Not authentic in the way that every "good" book blog is meant to be, or in the vision of the book blogging gods, but authentic to me. I want you to see who I am, what I think, my philosophies, and ideas about humanity through this blog. What's the point of writing publicly or speaking for a matter of fact if you have nothing important to say, no bright ideas to tell, no part of you to share???

There isn't.

If you take the time out of your day to read this blog, you shouldn't just be "another book blog." Scrolling through memes that are on 100s of other blogs, skimming numerous 5 star book reviews for the same upcoming YA book 20 times over, glancing over some not so insightful guest posts and blog tour is all just a big waste of time! It does you no good and you know it has no meaning. You won't remember single coherent idea by the time you rise the next morning.

It is not until you hear what the BLOGGER themselves has to say on certain books or important topics that you begin to see who they are, and their stuff actually starts to have some value to it. There are many wonderful bloggers who already have achieved this.

I really have no intentions of offending anyone by what I'm saying, and forgive me if I do, but don't think of this as me pointing fingers. It is just a fact that these things happen with me included because of the 10000s upon 100000s of book blogs out there. It's normal and is actually a part of what helps the book community thrive, but I personally don't desire to reach merely the surface level, nor do I want the ideas on my blog to be easily found elsewhere. I think it's time I dive deeper. 

So what's the conclusion you ask? Let's keep it short and simple: Expect to see more of me and less of the masses. Expect to see the trends, but also some unconventional things as well. Expect to see the books, but not only the books. Expect to read more authentic and meaningful posts.

But most of all.....
Expect to hear from ME soon.


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