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I love Taylor Swift and have loved her and her music for several years now. I am very happy that Carrie @ The Book Goddess tagged me in the TAYLOR SWIFT BOOK TAG, so thanks Carrie! There are some Taylor Swift songs in this tag and I will be picking books to go with them all. This should be fun! I will list my favorite Taylor Swift (aka T. Swizzle) songs at the bottom of this post as well. Maybe you want to listen to the songs while you read this post...you know?

We Are Never Getting Back Together

Pick a book or series you were pretty sure you were in love with, but then wanted to break up with. 

Must I even explain this one....Divergent was great, Insurgent was dull, and I have no urge to even pick up Allegiant.


Pick a book with a red cover

BAM! It has red and it's probably one of my favorite books of the year.

The Best Day

Pick a book that makes you feel nostalgic.

Fox in Socks is my favorite Dr. Seuss book by far! I remember asking my dad to read this book to me almost every night when I was little. Every single time we read it, I would pretty much die of laughter during my favorite parts.

I Knew You Were Trouble

Pick a bad character you couldn't help but love 

I would not exactly call Raskolnikov from Crime and Punishment a bad character but....he did murder a woman with an axe (ouch!) and he felt no guilt about it. Well either way, I still really liked him as a character and I found myself hoping the police would not be able to catch him and throw him in jail.


Pick a book someone ruined the ending for


Everything Has Changed

Pick a character from a book who goes through extensive character development.

I'd say Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird goes through a lot of character development. At the beginning of the book she was very naive and innocent, but as time went on she grew more aware and mature. This is one of the reasons why I absolutely love this book.

You Belong With Me

Pick your most anticipated book release.

For those of you who know I have an obsession for Percy Jackson and a love for Rick Riordan books, this should not come as a surprise. I mean come on, I don't think you can convince me that you are not excited for Magnus Chase. I just won't believe you.

Forever and Always

Pick your favorite book couple.

Percy and Annabeth of course!

Shake it Off

Pick a book that you love so much, you just shake off the haters.

Yeah so don't even try to say anything bad about Percy Jackson to me because we will literally fight. No I'm kidding guys but...just don't even try it. We will not be friends, so if you have an issue just keep it to yourself. Thank you. (Did you feel that sass?)

Blank Space

Pick the most over-hyped book or series that didn't work for you at all.

Everyone seems to adore The Great Gatsby and I was so excited to finally get to read it last year. Then I actually read it and it could not have been over soon enough. This book is less than 200 pages long, but it just kept dragging on and I was just sitting there thinking "When is it going to end???" I did not care about a single character, the romance was pathetic, and the ending was a relief because it was finally over. Ok that's a little harsh, but can someone please explain to me what all the hype is about because I just don't get it AT ALL.


Pick the most under-hyped book or series that you think deserves the spotlight.

The Stolen Empire Series by Sherry D. Ficklin is so good! It's a historical fiction young adult novel with romance, politics, and action. Please go read it right now! Then after you are hooked, come back and discuss it with me. You're welcome.

The Story Us

Pick a couple you think should end up together

For this one I pick Cassia and Xander. I don't even know why Ky was so special and I liked Xander a lot better than him. I mean his name is even cooler than Ky's but that's besides the point. To be honest, I did not think Matched by Ally Condie was that great of a book anyway.

Love Story

Pick a forbidden love in a book or series.

Hence the title, Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma is a book about forbidden love. I have not read this book yet but I really want to.

Chioma's Taylor Swift Favorites Playlist

(In no particular order)

1.) Speak Now

2.) Mean

3.) Better Than Revenge

4.) You Belong With Me

5.) Ours

6.) Safe and Sound

7.) Everything Has Changed

8.) Shake It Off

9.) Welcome to New York

10.) Bad Blood

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