Bout of Books Challenge: Character Soulmates

Bout of Books
Hello Bout of Bookers! How's everyone's week of reading been? I hope you are all having a Happy Friday. Today I am super excited to be hosting this challenge for you guys! Everyone can participate and have fun with it.

Today I have the Character Soulmates Challenge for you. It's great because we are going to be shipping characters from different books. Have you ever thought __(person)__ from this book would be just perfect with __(person)__ from this other book? Well here is your chance to finally pair them up and watch the sparks fly.


1.) Pick two characters from two different books who you think will be great together in a romantic relationship. These characters must have never been in the same book together or met before.

2.) Comment on this post telling me which characters you picked and what books they are each from. You can't forget to give them a cool ship name too! An example of a ship name can be "Percabeth" for Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. If you have a blog or a youtube channel, you can also just put this info in a post/video and leave a link to it in the comments.

3.) Give me a short reason as to why you paired those two as a cute couple. Convince us that it is meant to be.

4.) I will be tweeting out my favorites using the hashtags #CharaSM and #BoutofBooks, so leave your twitter name in the comments as well if you want to be mentioned if I tweet yours out.

Here's My Example

My pair is going to quite interesting

Rachel from Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews & Leo Valdez from The Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan
Ship Name: Raleo (Lol I tried guys)
Reason: They both are not the most attractive people in the world, but they are very lovable. Rachel is pretty patient, so she can handle Leo's antics, but she also has a sense of humor. Leo would crack cheesy jokes all day and Rachel would laugh at them all. I guess their relationship would turn out to be kind of sad since Rachel has leukemia, so let's just pretend she doesn't for the sake of this challenge. Other than that, I believe they are perfect for each other. (I mean just imagine it for a second.)

Need help coming up with a ship name? Try this!

That's all you have to do folks, so have fun with it. Definitely read other people's answers and share your favorites. I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

And don't forget to spread the love


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