Welcome Back: What's in Store for the Future

Been a while hasn't it? That's okay I am ready to get back into speed and pick back up right where I left off. I have many plans for the future and I am very ecstatic to share them all with you. I really began thinking to myself and asked, "What is the purpose of this Blue Books and Butterflies blog? What differentiates it from all the rest of the book blogs in exsistence today?" Unfortunately I was lead to the conclusion that the answer really is "not much," but that definetely is going to change.

I have always loved viewing content that is thoughtful. It is refreshing to see topics that actually have meaning and value to them that make others want to discuss and share their own opinions and this is one aspect I really want to incorporate into this blog. I want my posts to be informative and helpful but also provoke taught in my audience.


So with this, I am planning to have at least one topic or issue a month in the hopes that this blog can become a panel for meaningful discussions where no one has to completely agree or disagree. I also want to improve my reviews by leaving my audience with something think about at the end of each one. I also hope to make my reviews less typical more unique, so I can speak on the more less addressed aspects of books.

What Else Am I Going to Be Posting?

Well I do not plan on this blog lacking any of normal things we all enjoy in our book blogs, such as book reviews, blog hops and participation in reading events, ect. Those will all be on their way soon and we can all hopefully look forward to at least one new post a week or at least 4-5 posts a month. I definetely feel that there is even more in store for this blog though, and I am even hoping that some time soon we can have a running book club, guest posts, and giveaways and even more.  

So What Do You Think?

Yes I am starting right now? Please let me know how you feel about my plans for the future of this blog. Do you have any topics you would really like to discuss? Any suggestions for better content? Your opinions is valued very much on this blog.

See you soon!


FTC Disclaimer: Books specified to be in the "ARC" or "eARC" format were sent to me for free by the publisher or author in exchange for an honest review. How I acquired these items does not have an effect on my opinions and thoughts on them in my reviews. Everything written on this blog are my honest opinions only unless otherwise stated!

All book cover photos and synopses used in my posts were either sent to me directly by the author/publisher or gotten directly off of Goodreads and/or Amazon.

I currently do not get paid money for anything written, posted, or hosted on this blog!