February Updates: Blogging Slumps? and Black History Month

I thought one thing I could start doing to put more content on this blog is at the beginning of every month dedicate a post to share my plans for the blog in that particular month and also just mention a few updates going on if any. This way my audience can have something to look forward to. Hopefully, I can live up to what I promise. So you should be seeing these monthly updates in the beginning of every month and I hope they will be enjoyable and informative.

Blogging Slumps?

Now I don't know if anyone has noticed but I have kind of been in a blogging slump. Yeah....its been about two weeks since I made my last post......sorry. My plan originally was to post once or twice on the weekends and then once on Wednesday, but obviously that did not happen these last to weeks. Well I'm back and this time I hope to post at least twice a week, but I am not going to limit my posts to certain days of the week because I think blogging schedules are actually the source of my blogging slump........

I have quite a few posts in mind that should be coming up in the span of this week. I think I will be from now on doing monthly wrap-ups and tbr (to be read) so I can have a nice recap of what I have read and my thoughts of each book in about a sentence along with a link to my reviews, and also show what I plan on reading. That post should be up soon (Wednesday 2/12/14). I haven't written any meme posts on the days I said I would and I might have to wait until next week to resume them. Sorry again for the lack of content; life has been busy.

Black History Month

Since in America February is Black History month, I felt I should at least dedicate one or two post solely to black history. I am not too sure what these post will be yet, but I am up for suggestions if you happen to have any. I do have one or two books I plan on reading specifically for this month and I would really like any recommedations if you know of any other good books that portray "black culture". I kind of want to start a disscussion in maybe one of my Black History month posts which will be about the word "black" along with its connotations and dennotations and if that word is actually just limited to describing African American or Africans.

Also if you know of any other special months I might be unaware of, or topics that could be interesting to disscuss as a type of theme for a specific month, feel free to comment your suggestions at any moment in time from now on.

Don't forget I'm on blog lovin' now and I have a new button available always on the side of this blog!!!

Have a spectacular day!


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