2014 Reading Goals

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So I have done my 2014 Resolutions post, but I decided I was going to dedicate another post just for my reading goals of this new year. I hope that by making this post it will some how motivate me to accomplish all these goals by the end on 2014.

Read 50 Books

This is pretty basic and self explanatory. You probably already know this if you read my 2014 Resolutions post. If you want to follow my progress check out my Goodreads (there is a link always at the side of the blog)------->>>>>

Read at least 5 Books by a Variety of Ethnicities, Not just Caucasian Authors

Again I explained this already in my 2014 Resolutions post so go check that out for a more in dept explanation.

Read at Least 1/4 of the Books Currently on my TBR Shelf

I mentioned in a earlier post that I had about 60 books on my TBR shelf and I did not want that number to reach 100, so I am challenging myself to read at least 1/4 of them, which would mean I have to read at least 15 of them.

Start and Finish the Harry Potter Series

Yes, yes..... I know..... I am probably the only person on this earth who still has not read the Harry Potter Series. And no, I have not seen the films either. This year I am determined to read the whole series and find out why everyone loves it so much. It probably will not become my ultimate favorite though because the Percy Jackson Series will ALWAYS hold that spot.

Start and Finish the Twilight Series

Yet again another series I am SUPER late on but I still want to see what the hype is/was about. Let's be honest I used to look at the Twilight books and movies and be like "Eeewww vampires and werewolves what kind of story is that", but ever since about the year ago I watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 in theaters with my friends who dragged me there (And yes the first Twilight movie I watched was the last one), I found out it actually had a very interesting story line with pretty cool characters. So, now I am set on reading the series just to see how it goes.

Read 7 Non-School Required Classics

Now in school we read a classic every six weeks and most of them are very good books, but there are many other classics that a lot of people love that I think I should at least give a try. Some of them definitely being  The Great Gatsby, Wuthering Heights, and To Kill a Mocking Bird. Have any recommendations? Comment down below ;)

So that is my current list of goals so far. It might increase in the next month or so. Who knows? Tell me if you have any reading goals and what they are in the comments.

Have a spectacular day!

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  1. The accuracy! Lol, I can never get myself to finish Harry Potter or the Twilight Series. I lose interest very quickly. I love your blog Chioma and I nominated you for the Liebster award! Check out for more details at my blog! (: http://nostalgicteens.blogspot.com/2014/02/the-liebster-awards.html


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