Epic Poem: Towards Utopia

This is an Epic poem I wrote during my English class a few months ago. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment down below with feedback. Maybe you can guess what I'm trying to convey through it?

Towards Utopia
by: Chioma
When I set out to Utopia
The dawn of life, without a care
I am the wild snake, bear, and crocodile
That are always gently and friendly
My years restrict my ability
But I refuse to let the road be blocked
Expressing my adolescent conception with words
For my mother to inscribe them down
My problems diminutive
But immense in my eyes
For a scrape on the knee
I have died

Next I witness the gardens bloom
My path is heading in the opposite direction
The intention is no longer to enjoy the ride
But the desire is to grasp the steering wheel
Many hands attempt to mold me
And they succeed in multiple ways
But they could never conquer my feelings
For they all fall way too beyond reach
The mountain I wish to escalate
Grows steeper by the day
Along with it the weight of the world
That slowly overcomes me

I have now exited oblivion
The veil is being lifted
Gentle snake, bear, and crocodile
Are now the nightmares that torment my dreams
A crab has grown too big for its shell
The time has come to search for a new
But soon I find
My search has become
Never Ending
I build up walls
That are destroyed by my own defect
But my roots show me how to endure
To advance with every step backwards
I will not always be the dog chasing its tail in circles
Whilst never achieving its ultimate ambition
I long to see the horizon

My eyes are wide open
Nothing disrupts my vision here
The world I saw yesterday
Is in no way similar to what I witness
I am fairly certain of my purpose
Days have become more fluent
I am moving onward
Allowing myself to float up ahead
Past the boundaries that caged me for eternity
Images flash before me
Hours equivalent to seconds
Weeks equivalent to days
I can put to use the knowledge
That I thrived to gain
Waves bring in tides
And even tsunamis
But every aspect I was taught
Provides me the wisdom as Goliath
To kill the biggest of giants

I have reached great heights
Limited now
Days reluctant to come
But I still welcome them on
Ever so slowly
For I am humble for my opportunities
And satisfied with my journey
Even as I spot the horizon I have longed to see
I secretly wish the finale was not so near
The drive continues on
Step by step closer
My years had always been spent in preparation
For the occasion to arrive
Even If I have never noticed
The truth is all I ever wanted
Was proof that I was worthy
To behold the light as it shines on not only me
But the others that surround
Currently I wait patiently
For my demise to descend
And I will not despair
But ready myself
Because I know within my soul
From all I have been through
I will land in Utopia at last


  1. I love poetry...I've even been writing it myself for years when I was - erm - younger. This one is really good. Write on!


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